• 1/19/22, 7pm: Parent Interest Meeting (virtual)
  • 1/24/22, 4:30-6:00pm: Student Interest Meeting (virtual)
  • 2/3/22, 4:30-6pm: Audition Workshop (virtual)
    • Information from the Audition Workshop can be found under the "Audition Information" tab.
  • 2/10/22, 3:30-6pm: Auditions in Band and Choral Room (must bring completed Conflict Calendar)
  • 2/11/22, 3:30-6pm: Auditions in Band and Choral Room (must bring completed Conflict Calendar)
  • 2/14/22, 3:30-6pm: Callbacks
  • 2/15/22 - Cast List Emailed
  • 2/16/22, 7:30-9pm: Mandatory Cast Parent Information Meeting
  • 2/25/22, 3:30-4:30pm: Tech Interest Meeting
  • Tech Week: 5/13, 5/17, 5/18, 5/19 3:30-8:30pm
  • 5/20/22: Opening Night
  • 5/21/22: Saturday Matinee
  • 5/21/22: Closing Night
  • 5/22/22, 2-5pm: Strike & Cast Party

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Sign up to audition HERE!

For more information, you can view the slides from the Audition Workshop.

Auditions are February 10 and February 11 from 3:30-6:00 after school in the Band and Choral Rooms. Please arrive 20 minutes early to your audition, and bring a completed conflict calendar. Break a leg!

For the audition, we ask that all students come prepared with 30-60 seconds of a song, to be performed a capella (without music). This song should be memorized. Songs can come from any source material, but we are asking that you avoid picking a song from the show James and the Giant Peach Jr.

Choose something that you can sing well. We want to hear something that you enjoy singing, and something that you can act well. If you can find a song that you think fits with the kind of music in the show, or that you think matches the character you want to audition for, that is even better!

If you have a musical theatre song you want to sing, great! If you choose a pop song, awesome! If the only song you've ever heard is "Happy Birthday", then bring us the most amazing "Happy Birthday" the world has ever experienced. Choose something that you are comfortable with, that you like to sing, and that you'll have fun performing.

More information regarding songs will be given at the virtual Audition Workshop. 

(See "Audition Information" tab for more details.)

For the audition, we ask that all students come prepared with a one minute long monologue. This monologue should be memorized. A monologue is a long, first-person speech/line delivered by one character. These can be found in plays, monologue books, movies, and monologue competition videos on Youtube.

Monologues should be around a minute long, but anywhere in the 00:45-1:30 min range is acceptable for the audition. 

Choose something that you can act well. If you are funny, choose a comedic one! If you enjoy tragedy, choose something dramatic! We are looking for developed characters and bold acting choices.

More information regarding monologues will be given at the virtual Audition Workshop. 

(See "Audition Information" tab for more details.)


At this point in time, all Callback information has been sent out to all students who auditioned for the Spring Musical. Please have students check their LCPS email for details. If they have not received any information but they did audition, please contact and the appropriate information will be forwarded to you.

full rehearsal calendar will be provided to cast members during the first week of rehearsals.

Weekly rehearsal calendars will be sent out each Sunday. On the calendars, cast members will be kept up to date with information regarding which characters are called each day and what material will be covered during each rehearsal.

Rehearsals will be held every Monday, Thursday, and Friday, 3:30-6pm. **

Not everyone in the cast will be called to every rehearsal, however auditioners' schedules should allow them to be present at all rehearsals during the previously stated times.

**Note: The 7th grade dance will be accommodated for on the rehearsal calendar.



Students: For answers to specific audition questions, please consider attending our virtual Audition Workshop on Feb. 3 from 4:30-6:00!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are auditions?
On Feb. 10 and Feb. 11 from 3:30-6:00, in the Trailside's Band & Choral Rooms. Callbacks will be on Feb. 14, by invitation.

What do I prepare for auditions?
A memorized 1-minute monologue and 30-60 seconds of a song (to be sung without music). These can be from any source material (play, musical, movie, book, tv show, etc), but we are asking that they do not come from James and the Giant Peach Jr. Please also come prepared with a completed conflict calendar.

How do I sign up to audition?
You can sign up for a time slot on our Sign Up Genius. Please prepare to arrive 20 minutes early to your audition, warmed up and ready to perform!

How do I get involved in tech?
To be involved in a tech crew, attend our Technician Interest Meeting / Sign-Up on February 25 from 3:30-4:30 in the Trailside auditorium.

When are rehearsals?
Cast rehearsals are Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 3:30-6:00. A more detailed technician rehearsal calendar will be provided at the Tech Interest Meeting. Tech Week (dress rehearsals) occurs May 13, 17, 18, 19 from 3:30-8:30.

When are the shows?
May 20 (evening) and May 21 (afternoon, evening).

Is there a cost associated with participating?
Yes, there will be a production fee for both actors and technicians, as well as optional fees for rehearsal dinners and t-shirts.

How many actors will the production have? Is there really only one cast this year?
We will be casting 35-50 students in this production, due to Covid-19 complications. If you do not get cast in the show, we would love to involve you in tech! Just come to our Tech Interest Meeting on Feb. 25. And yes, there is only one cast this year, hence the on weekend of shows.

I'm a parent. How do I get involved? Do I need to come to any meetings?
Parents of cast members will be asked to attend a mandatory parent meeting on Feb. 16 at 7:00 in the Trailside cafeteria. Tech parents do not have a meeting scheduled, at this time, but this may change once we have a better idea of how many students are interested in tech. Volunteer information will be given out at the parent meeting, and will be given to students who come to the tech interest meeting. We love our volunteers!

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Friday, May 20, 2022 @ 7pm

Saturday, May 21, 2022 @ 2pm

Saturday, May 21, 2022 @ 7pm


Tech Crew Interest Meeting Take-Home Paper

Step 2. Tech Crews Involvements: Dates & Times (Click here!)

Step 3. Tech Crews Sign Up Google Form (Click here!)

The show can't go on without our Tech Crews! This season, there will be plenty of opportunities for students interested in tech.

More information and Tech Crew sign-ups will take place at our in-person Tech Meeting on February 25th, 3:30-4:30pm in the TMS auditorium. This is an important information session for students who wish to participate in tech. We'll get them all signed up and ready to go!

Tech Crews Descriptions (Click here!) - Some notes from the director about the jobs of each of the tech crews!



Stay tuned!

Stay tuned!